Blackpink’s ‘Ready For Love’ MV Coming Soon

Blackpink’s in-game concert special track ‘Ready For Love’ will be produced in the form of a music video and will be released on the 29th.
Blackpink’s ‘Ready For Love’ is an attractive song with a cool drop in the chorus that breaks the static flow of a lyrical piano performance. YG said, “It is a song that contains the attitude of not giving up on what you want and a flexible yet strong heart about love.”
Blackpink first presented the first verse of this song and its performance at the in-game concert ‘THE VIRTUAL’ held on ‘Battleground Mobile’ last weekend. Ahead of their full-fledged comeback in August, they expanded their realm into the virtual world through collaboration with PUBGM. Although it is a special track for an in-game concert, not a song that was officially released as a sound source, it aroused explosive expectations from global fans who were waiting for the euphemism and full version story.
In fact, the Twitter world-wide trend on the day of the in-game concert was dominated by hashtags related to BLACKPINK (#BLACKPINKxPUBGM, #ReadyForLove, #BLACKPINK, #READYFORBLACKPINK) from No. 1 to No. 5. In addition, influential foreign media such as US Billboard and NME paid attention to BLACKPINK’s fresh move.
Meanwhile, the music video for ‘Ready For Love’ will be released at 1 PM on the 29th.