Disneyland car finder helps you remember where you parked

A new smartphone app will help forgetful Disneyland visitors remember where they parked their car after a long day at the Anaheim theme park resort — as long as they don’t forget to use the app when they first arrive at the parks.

Disney’s new car locator feature will debut later this year on the Disneyland app. The car finder feature launches later this summer at Walt Disney World in Florida.

The free feature uses location technology on your smartphone to save your parking details and help you find your car later. You’ll need to enable Bluetooth and location services as well as notifications for the car finder feature to work best.

The Disney car locator feature will be on the home screens and the drop down menus of the Disneyland and Disney World apps.

When you arrive at the parks, you’ll need to enter your parking information by following the prompts in the apps. The car locator feature will fill in the details for you if you’ve enabled location services on your phone.

At the end of your visit, simply return to the car locator feature in the app to retrieve your parking information.

As a long-time theme park reporter, I’ve heard many stories through the years about Disneyland visitors who couldn’t find their parked cars after a long day at the parks. Disneyland security guards and good Samaritans have given rides around the garages to visitors searching for their lost vehicles. Disneyland’s parking staff can estimate where cars should be parked based on a visitor’s arrival time. I’ve seen families hopelessly wandering the parking structures at night clicking their car remotes in hopes of hearing their car horn and locating their lost car.